Adams, John – Road Movies, Hallelujah Junction

Akiho, Andy – No One to Know One

Albrecht, Amanda – Groove (World Premiere), The Stand (World Premiere)

Alcorta, Amancio – Nocturno

Allen, J. Anthony – Electra and Iphigenia (World Premiere)

Andriessen, Louis – Workers Union

Anthiel, George – Ballet Mechanique

Arnold, Malcolm – Sonatina for cl/pno

Askim, Peter – A Door in the Dark (World Premiere)

Bacewicz, Grazyna – Humoreska

Bach, J.S. – Flute Sonatas

Bang, Malin – Structures of Molten Light

Barber, Samuel – Souvenirs (4 hands), Cello Sonata, Canzone (vln/pno)

Bartok, Bela – Contrasts, Sonata for Two Pnos/Perc, 1st Rhapsody Vln/Pno , Romanian Folk Dances

Bashaw, Howard – Fly Wheel Rondo

Bax, Arnold – Sonata for vla/pno

Beach, Amy – Sonata in A Major for vln/pno, Op. 34

Becker, Bob – Cryin’ Time

Beethoven, Ludwig van – Sonata for vln/pno Op. 12 No. 1, Sonata for vln/pno Op. 30 No. 3, Sonata for vln/pno Op. 96, Sonata for vc/pno Op. 69, Sonata for vc/pno Op. 102 No. 2, Archduke Trio Op. 97, Ghost Trio Op. 70 No. 1

Benjamin, Arthur – Tombeau de Ravel

Bennett, Richard Rodney – Suite for Two Pianos

Bernstein, Leonard – West Side Story, Overture to Candide, Symphonic Dances (arr. Musto)

Betinis, Abbie – The Clan of the Lichens (arr.) for fl/pno

Biscardi, Chester – Traverso

Bizet, Georges – Jeux d’enfants (4 hands), Carmen Fantasy

Bolcom, William – Recuerdos, Sonata for vc/pno

Borodin, Alexander – Polovetsian Dances for two pianos (arr. V. Babin)

Boulanger, Lili – Deux Morceaux for vln/pno

Boulez, Pierre – Derive I, Sonatine

Brahms, Johannes – Sonata in D Minor for vln/pno Op. 108, Sonata in G major for vln/pno Op. 78, Sonata in A Major for vln/pno Op 100,  Horn Trio Op. 40, Trio in C Major Op. 87, Trio in B Major Op.8, Trio in A Minor for cl/vc/pno Op.114, Sonata in E-flat Major for cl/pno Op. 120, Sonata in E minor for Vc/pno Op. 38, Hungarian Dances (4 Hands)

Brauneiss, Leo – Introduzione, Cavatina e Cabaletta (World Premiere)

Bresnick, Martin – High Art, Ballade

Broberg, Kirsten – Emergence, Nude (arr. Radiohead), Collecting Winter (World Premiere), Waters of Time

Brown, Ryan – our friend adam

Bruynel, Ton – Le jardin (US Premiere)

Buc, Nicholas – Bohemian Rhapsody (arr.)

Buckley, Linda – Libera Me, Flit (World Premiere)

Bunch, Kenji – Velocity

Burton, Eldin – Sonatina for fl/pno

Cage, John – 4’33”, Living Room Music, Apartment 1776

Castillo, Patrick – Conversation of Prayers (World Premiere)

Caviani, Laura – Pastorale and Lumina for fl/pno, Blackbird (2 pnos)

Chailleux, Andre – Andante and Allegro

Chaminade, Cecile – Concertino, Op. 107 for fl/pno

Ciach, Brian – Kentucky Folk Pieces (World Premiere)

Chen, Yi – 3 Bagatelles from China West

Childs, Mary Ellen – Kilter, Sound Curved Light

Cheung, Anthony – Enjamb, Infuse, Implode

Clarke, Ian – Hypnosis

Clearfield, Andrea – River Melos

Coleman, Valerie – Fanmi Imén

Cooper, Jacob – Lunock (World Premiere)

Copland, Aaron – Hoedown from Rodeo, A Lincoln Portrait, Duo

Cornicello, Anthony – Series of Dreams (World Premiere)

Cowell, Henry – The Banshee

Crockett, Zac – Dance #1 (World Premiere)

Crumb, George – Voice of the Whale, Dream Sequence

Damase, Jean-Michel – Sonate en Concert for fl/vc/pno

Dancigers, Mark – Angels in the Room (World Premiere)

Dargel, Corey – 13 Near-Death Experiences

Davidson, Tina – Blue Curve of the Earth

Debussy, Claude – Petite Suite, Violin Sonata, Cello Sonata

Dello Joio, Norman – Trio for fl/vc/pno

Demerssemen, Jules – Solo de Concert No. 6, Op. 82

Dresher, Paul – Cornucopia

Doppler, Franz – Intro and Rondo for two fl/pno

Dubois, Alexandra – Luminocity (World Premiere)

Dvorak, Antonin – “Dumky” Trio in E Minor, Trio in F Minor, Humoreske for vln/pno

Enesco, Georges – Cantabile and Presto

Etler, Alvin – Sonata for bsn/pno

Faure, Gabriel – Dolly Suite (4 hands), Fantasie for fl/pno

Ferguson, Geoffrey – Shifting (World Premiere), Electric Rift (World Premiere)

Finzi, Gerald – 5 Bagatelles for cl/pno

Foss, Lukas – Capriccio

Francaix, Jean – Theme and Variations for cl/pno, Clarinet Concerto

Franck, Cesar – Sonata in A Major

Frank, Gabriela Lena – Sueños de Chambi (select), Folk Songs for Piano Trio

Freeman, Alexander – Blueshift, Intermezzo

Fukushima, Kazuo – Three Pieces from “Chu-u”

Gabuad, Henri – Fantasy for fl/pno

Gach, Jay Anthony – La Leggerezza della Musica

Gallac, Héctor – Pastoral Calchaquí

Ganne, Louis – Andante and Scherzo for fl/pno

Gatto, Anthony – Lucky Dreams

Gaubert, Philippe – Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando, Fantasie, Sonata No. 1 fl/pno

Ginastera, Alberto – Pampeana No. 1 and 2

Gieseking, Walter – Sonatine for fl/pno

Glass, Philip – Music In Fifths

Godard, Benjamin – Suite of 3 Pieces for fl/pno

Goossens, Eugene – Five Impressions of a Holiday

Gordon, Michael – Yo Shakespeare

Grahn, Ulf – Magnolias in Snow

Grieg, Edvard – Sonata in C Minor for vln/pno Op. 45, Cello Sonata, Lyric Pieces (fl/pno arr. L. Scott)

Grofe, Ferde – On the Trail

Guarnieri, Camargo – Sonatina for fl/pno

Gubaidulina, Sofia – Sonata for double bass/pno, Dancer on a Tightrope

Guerra-Peixe, Cesar – Three Pieces for vln/pno

Gustavino, Carlos – Milonga de dos hermanos

Hagen, Jocelyn – Frostbite

Halle, John – Gaze

Hamlin, Peter – Spring, River and Auto Junkyard on a Moonlit Night

Handel, George – Flute Sonatas

Harrison, Lou – Varied Trio

Harty, Hamilton – In Ireland

Haydn, Franz Joseph – Trio in D for fl/vc/pno, Trio in G for fl/vc/pno

Heinick, David – Bryniau Llawen (World Premiere)

Hindemith, Paul – Sonata for fl/pno, Sonata for oboe/pno, Sonata for vla/pno, Three pieces for vc/pno

Holst, Gustav – The Planets (2 pnos)

Holter, Colin – Lust

Honegger, Arthur – Sonatine for cl/pno

Horovitz, Joseph – Sonatina for cl/pno

Hovhaness, Alan – Prayer of Saint Gregory

Hsueh-Yung, Shen – And Then, Things Changed

Hummel, Johann – Trio (Variations) for fl/vc/pno Op. 78

Hurel, Philippe – Cantus (American Premiere)

Hyla, Lee – Amnesia Redux

Ince, Kamran – Far Variations, Kocekce

Ingolfsson, Atli – The Elves’ Ascent

Ives, Charles – Trio for cl/vln/pno

Jacob, Gordon – Sonata for oboe/pno

Jolivet, Andre – Capers

Kaminsky, Laura – Duo for fl/pno

Kennan, Kent – Sonata for trum/pno

Khatchaturian, Aram – Trio for cl/vln/pno

Koechlin, Charles – Epitaphe for Jean Harlow

Kreisler, Fritz – Variations on a Theme by Corelli, Tango, Tambourin Chinois, Song without Words, La Gitana, Liebesleid

Kuhlau, Friedrich – Trois Pieces for fl/pno

Lang, David – Gravity

Lash, Hannah – Adjoining

Leclair, Jean-Marie – Sonata in G

León, Tania – Alma

Levine, Douglas – Jazz Trios (arr. Misty, Someone to Watch, Tico Tico), Yukoali (arr.)

Liebermann, Lowell – Sonata for fl/pno

Ligeti, Gyorgy – Horn Trio, Five Pieces for Piano 4-Hands

Lutoslawski, Witold – Dance Preludes, Paganini Variations

Macleod, Duncan – Dis.Lo.Cate (World Premiere)

Marcello, Benedetto – Sonata in F Major for vc/pno

Martin, Frank – Ballade for fl/pno

Martinu, Boshuslav – Trio for fl/vc/pno

Mathews, Heath – Duels and Dialogues (World Premiere)

McFerron, Mike – Inside the Hatch (World Premiere)

Mellits, Marc – Disciples of Gouda

Mendelssohn, Felix – Trio in D Minor

Menotti, Gian Carlo – Trio for cl/vln/pno

Merritt, Justin – Broken Consort

Messager, Andre – Solo de Concours (cl/pno)

Messiaen, Olivier – Quartet for the End of Time, La Merle Noir

Milhaud, Darius – Scaramouche (2 pnos), Duo Concertant, Sonatine for fl/pno, Quatre Visages

Miller, Brett – Hunting Songs

Monk, Meredith – Panda Chant II, Astronaut Anthem, Phantom Waltz, Folk Dance

Mozart, Wolfgang – “Kegelstatt” Trio for cl/vc/pno K. 498, Sonata in D Major (4 hands) K. 381, Sonata for vln/pno K. 304, Sonata for vln/pno K. 305

Moya, Reinaldo – The Island with the Imaginary Moons, The Island at Noon, The Earth Outlived the Hands that Held It (World Premiere)

Murail, Tristan – Winter Fragments, 13 Colors of the Setting Sun

Ni Riain, Ailis – chainstitchembroidered (World Premiere)

Neuling, Hermann – Bagatelle for horn/pno

Nordheim, Arne – Den Forste Sommerfugl, La mia canzone

Norgard, Per – Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Oliveros, Pauline – Sonic Meditations, Sound Piece

Opel, Doug – Three Amalgams (World Premiere)

Orff, Carl – Carmina Burana (two pianos/perc./choir)

Parker, James – English Towns

Part, Arvo – Fratres, Tabula Rusa

Paterson, Thomas – Song for My Parents (World Premiere)

Pawelek, Nathan – Irremediable Breakdown

Peeters, Flor – Trumpet Sonata

Petering, Mark – Madhouse (World Premiere)

Phillips, Burrill – Concert Piece

Piazzolla, Astor – Le Grand Tango, Oblivion, Oblivion (trio), Escualo, Libertango, Chiqulín de Bachín, El Desbande, Fuga y misterio, Milonga sin Palabras, Lo que vendrá

Pierne, Gabriel – Sonata for fl/pno

Piston, Walter – Sonata for fl/pno

Poulenc, Francis – Sonata for fl/pno, Sonata for cl/pno, Sonata for vc/pno, Sonata for Two Pianos

Prangcharoen, Narong – Between Heaven and Earth

Previn, Andre – Vocalise for sop/vc/pno

Prokofiev, Sergei – Sonata for vc/pno, Sonata for fl or vln/pno

Purcell, Henry – Trumpet Sonata in D

Quantz, Johann – Trio in C Minor

Rabaud, Henri – Solo de Concours

Rachmaninoff, Sergei – Suite Op.17 for 2 Pnos, Vocalise Op.34 No.14, Lied for vc/pno

Ravel, Maurice – Mother Goose (4 hands), Tzigane

Reger, Max – Sonata in A flat for cl/pno

Reich, Steve – Clapping Music, Sextet, Four Organs

Respighi, Ottorino – Sonata in B Minor for vln/pno

Revueltas, Silvestre – Three Pieces for vln/pno

Reynolds, Belinda – Cover, Share

Riley, Terry – In C, Tread on the Trail

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nickolai – Le coq d’or

Rochberg, George – Ricordanza

Rogers, Rodney – Lessons of the Sky

Rorem, Ned – Trio for fl/vc/pno, Ariel, Picnic on the Marne

Rzewski, Frederic – Coming Together

Saariaho, Kaija – Cendres

Saint-Saens, Camile – Sonata in D Minor for vln/pno, Op. 75

Salgán, Horacio – Don Agustin Bardi, Suite Argentina

Schnittke, Alfred – Cello Sonata

Schoenfield, Paul – Café Music, Achat Sha’alti, Ufaratsta

Schubert, Franz – Sonatine in D Major for vln/pno, Introduction and Variations for fl/pno, Shepherd on the Rock for cl/sop/pno, Auf dem Strum for vc/sop/pno

Schulhoff, Erwin – Sonata for fl/pno

Schumann, Clara – Three Romances for vln/pno

Schumann, Robert – 5 Folk Pieces for vc/pno, Fantasy Pieces Op. 73, Sonata No. 1 for vln/pno

Schwartz, Eric – We the People

Schwartz, Steven – Working

Schwitters, Kurt – Ur Sonate

Scriabin, Alexander – Prelude in B-Flat Minor for vc/pno (arr.)

Shostakovich, Dmitri – Cello Sonata, Trio in E minor

Stamp, Jack – Rememberance of Things to Come

Stark, Bruce – American Suite

Strauss, Franz – Nocturno for horn/pno

Stravinsky, Igor – Firebird Suite, Soldier’s Tale (cl/vln/pno)

Still, William Grant – Mother and Child, Gamin

Stoffregen, Max – the delicate flow of vines (World Premiere)

Stokes, Eric – Rock and Roll

Sturtevant, Jake – Broken Castles (World Premiere)

Tansman, Alexander – Sonatine for bsn/pno

Thomas, David Evan – 3 Welsh Folk Songs, Songs Before Winter, Diamond of Joy

Travers, Aaron – Now Say Nay (World Premiere), Beanblossom (World Premiere)

Turina, Joaquin – Circulo Trio

Turnage, Mark Anthony – Two Elegies Framing a Shout

Uebayashi, Yuko – Sonata for Flute and Piano

Van Brink, Matthew – Control Room

Vaughan Williams, Ralph – Romance for vla/pno

Villa-Lobos, Hector – Sonata Fantasy No. 1 for vln/pno

Vine, Carl – Sonata for fl/pno

Vogel, Joseph – Lament (World Premiere)

Weber, Carl Maria – Trio in G Minor for fl/vc/pno, Adagio and Rondo for vc/pno

Welcher, Dan – All the Words to All the Songs

Weiner, Leo – Peregi Verbunk

White, Frances – Stars and Constellations

Whitehead, Gillian – Torua

Wickman, Ethan – Winter’s Burst, Chaconne and Toccata (World Premiere)

Wolfe, Julia – Lick

Ziporyn, Evan – Frog’s Eye (World Premiere)

Zitella, Icli – Vals Trieste