Abdul-Aziz, Razak – Etudes #3 and #5

Adams, John – China Gates

Adams, John Luther – Tukiliit, Nunataks

Adashi, Judah – Nina

Ades, Thomas – Darknesse Visible

Almeida, Laurindo – Lament in Tremolo Form

Andres, Timothy – It takes a long time to become a good composer

Andriessen, Louis – Waltz, Lied, The Memory of Roses, Image de Moreau

Asia, Daniel – Why (?) Jacob

Bach, JS – Inventions, Preludes and Fugues WTC I (select), English Suite in A Minor, French Suite in G Major, French Suite in E-flat Major, Toccata in D Major, Toccata in E Minor, Italian Concerto

Bahr, Jason – Carlton

Baker, Drew – Asa Nisi Masa

Barber, Samuel – Souvenirs

Barr, Stephen – Three Night Pieces (World Premiere)

Bartok, Bela – Sonatina, Rumanian Dances Op. 8a, Rumanian Folk Dances, 6 Bulgarian Dances

Bates, Mason – White Lies for Lomax

Batubara, Junita – Dialogue

Beck, Jeremy – Four Piano Pieces

Beethoven, Ludwig van – Sonatas: Op. 2 No. 1, Op. 13, Op. 14 No. 1, Op. 26, Op. 27 No. 2, Op. 28, Op. 49, Op. 57, Op. 78, Op. 79, Op. 81a, Op. 109, Concerto No. 3 Op. 37

Bolcom, William – Graceful Ghost Rag

Boulez, Pierre – Douze Notations

Brahms, Johannes – Klavierstucke Op. 117, Op. 118, Op.119, Ballade Op. 10 No. 1

Bresnick, Martin – Dream of the Lost Traveller, Ishi’s Song, Willie’s Way

Broberg (Soriano), Kirsten – constellations (World Premiere), echoes (World Premiere), Rain Gardens, Without Words (World Premiere)

Brown, Ryan – oogog says hello

Buckley, Irene – only such ice can be so fair (World Premiere)

Buckley, Linda – en-ek (US Premiere), Joklar (World Premiere), Zone (World Premiere), Siar (World Premiere)

Cage, John – Valentine Out of Season, Bacchanale, In a Landscape, 4’33’’

Çamci, Alican – …with the sound of a ripe fruit-falling…

Cantrell, Paul – Disembodied Dance (World Premiere)

Carro, Mario – Impromptu

Caviani, Laura – Jazz Etudes (World Premiere), Blackbird (World Premiere)

Cheatham, Wallace McClain – Prelude No. 2

Childs, Mary Ellen – The Capacity of Calm Endurance

Chopin, Frederic – Etudes Op.10, Nocturnes: Op.48 No. 1, E Flat Op. 9 No. 2, G Minor Op. 37 No. 1, F Minor Op. 55 No. 1, E Minor Op. 72 No. 1, Polonaise Op. 40 No. 1, Impromptu Op. 29, Fantasie-Impromptu Op.66, Ballade No 4

Coleman, Christopher – The Outrage Machine (World Premiere)

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel – Deep River

Copland, Aaron – Piano Concerto, Three Pieces from Our Town

Crowther, Steve – Morris Dances

Da Silva, Patricio – Nocturne

Davidovsky, Mario – Synchronisms No. 6

Debussy, Claude – Reverie, Preludes Bk. 1/2 (select), Etudes (select), Pour le Piano, L’isle joyeuse, Nocturne, Deux Arabesques, Images Bk. I and II, Estampes, Suite Bergamasque

Dennehy, Donnacha – pAt

Dodge, Charles – Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental

Dresher, Paul – Blue Diamonds

Edwards, Ross – Etymalong

Falla, Manuel de – La vida breve (Dance #1)

Friar, Sean – Elastic Loops (2018 revision, world premiere)

Furrer, Beat – Voicelessness: The Snow has no Voice

Geers, Douglas – For Rosa

Gershwin, George – Preludes, Songs (arr. for piano), Concerto in F, Rhapsody in Blue

Glass, Philip – Metamorphoses, Mad Rush

Gilbertson, Michael – Three Preludes

Ginastera, Alberto – Danzas Argentinas

Granados, Enrique – The Maiden and the Nightingale

Grieg, Edward – Piano Concerto Op.16, Lyric Pieces (select)

Griswold, Erik – Danny Boy Adrift on the Rising Tide

Gutche, Gene – Sonatas No.1 and 2, Theme and Variations, Fugue in C Minor, Utilitarian Fugue

Halle, John – Etude, Lullaby, Second Childhood

Haydn, Joseph – Sonatas Hob. XVI Nos. 34, 40, 52

Hindman, Dorothy – Forward Looking Back, To Spill Oneself Away (World Premiere)

Holdman, James – Darwin’s Folly (World Premiere)

Hutter, Gregory – Evening Air (World Premiere)

Itoh, Takuma – Intermezzo, Automata

Iverson, Ethan – Send in the Clowns (after Sondheim)

Janacek, Leos – Sonata 1.x.1905, On an Overgrown Path, In the Mists

Jarrett, Keith – Over the Rainbow, Don’t Ever Leave Me

Joplin, Scott – Maple Leaf Rag, The Entertainer, Solace, Easy Winners

Kats-Chernin, Elena – Schubert Blues, Stur in Dur, Russian Rag, Get Well Rag

Kyong Mee, Choi – Unleashed (NYC Premiere)

León, Tania – Homenatge

Ligeti, Gyorgy – Musica Ricercata, Etudes: Chordes Vides, Arc-en-ciel, Fanfares

Liszt, Franz – Rigoletto, Liebestraum No. 3, Vallee d’Obermann

Lombardi, Paul – Elegy

Lucier, Alvin – Nothing is Real

Lutoslawski, Witold – Sonata

Marentic, James – Rothko (World Premiere)

Marshall, Ingram – Authentic Presence

Martirano, Salvatore – Cocktail Music

Mathews, Heath – Spree (World Premiere)

Mazzariello, Andrea – Flight School, As Far As You Can Stretch a Web (World Premiere), Your Hands As They Are (World Premiere)

Mazzoli, Missy – Heartbreaker

McFerron, Mike – Torrid Mix, apprehension of the eternal will (World Premiere)

Mellits, Marc – Agu

Mendelssohn, Felix – Songs without Words (select)

Merritt, Justin – Cube Dance (World Premiere), Five Preludes, Album Leaves, Blender (World Premiere), Glyphs (WP), False Memories (WP), The Last Blackbird (WP), Sans Serif (WP), Fires of 1918 (WP), Unnamed Orchestra (WP), Flight Path (WP)

Messiaen, Olivier – Ile de Feu I/II, Preludes, Fantasie Burlesque, Vingt Regards de l’Enfant-Jesus (select), Oiseaux Exotiques

Molinaro, Anthony – Something (arr.)

Mompou, Frederico – Variations on a Theme of Chopin

Monk, Meredith – Windows in 7s, Railroad Song, Paris

Moya, Reinaldo – The Way North (World Premiere)

Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Sonatas: K.283, K.310, K.331, K. 545; Fantasies: K.397, K.475; Concerto K. 466

Muczynski, Robert – Preludes, Op. 6

Nass, Daniel – Dance Preludes (World Premiere), Quatre Etudes de Fromage (World Premiere)

Neiner, Christopher – Danse Oriental (World Premiere)

Ni Riain, Ailis – Into the Sea of Waking Dreams

Opel, Doug – serried with a tinge of bop

Ornstein, Leo – Reverie

Osborne, Thomas – Mare Incognitum

Part, Arvo – Fur Alina, Variations for the Healing of Arinuschka

Pertout, Andrian – Chant d’augmentation

Peterson, Benjamin – Heptagon Tessellations

Piazzolla, Astor – Adios Nonino

Pintscher, Matthias – On a Clear Day

Poulenc, Francis – Three Novelettes

Prokofiev, Sergei – Sonatas Nos. 1-4, No. 7, No. 9, Concerto No.1

Rachmaninoff, Sergei – Prelude Op. 3, No.2, Preludes Op. 23 Nos. 4/5/6, Preludes Op. 32 Nos. 3/10/12, Etudes-Tableux Op. 33 Nos. 1/2/5/6

Rakowski, David – The Ladies Who Lunch (after Sondheim)

Ravel, Maurice – Jeux d’eux, Concerto in G, Valses nobles et sentimentales, Sonatine

Read, Martin – Suggestions

Respighi, Ottorino – Nocturne

Riley, Terry – Walrus in Memoriam, The Heaven Ladder Book 7

Rollin, Robert – Blue Fantasy

Rorem, Ned –  Three Barcarolles

Roux, Isak – Lullaby

Rubin, Justin – A Waltz through the Vapor (World Premiere), Lullaby for Max, The Still Waters by Sagamore Hill, Piano Album 2008

Russell, Jonathan – Metamorphosis #1

Rzewski, Frederic – Piano Piece No. 4, Four North American Ballads, De Profundis, The Housewife’s Lament

Saariaho, Kaija – Prelude

Satie, Erik – Gymnopedie 1-3, Gnossienne 1

Sellars, James – Sonata VI: Patterns on a Field

Schoenberg, Adam – Picture Etudes

Schondorf, Aaron – White Haze

Schuman, William – Chester Variations

Schumann, Robert -Scenes From Childhood, Toccata Op.7, Faschingsschwank aus Wien Op.26, Symphonic Etudes Op.13, Kreisleriana Op. 16, Carnaval Op. 9

Scott, Cyril – Lotusland

Sculthorpe, Peter – Djilile

Shire, David – Love is in the Air (after Sondheim)

Sholdice, Garrett – Etude (World Premiere), Preludes #1-3

Shostakovich, Dmitri – Concerto No. 1 and 2

Srikaranonda, Pathorn Bede – Reflections #2 and #3

Stark, Bruce – Ode to “Ode to Joy”, 5 Preludes

Steen, Ken – 3 Situations for Piano and Fixed Media (World Premiere)

Stölzel, Ingrid – Unus Mundus

Suesse, Dana – Cocktail Suite

Tan Dun – Dew-Fall-Drops

Taylor, Stephen Andrew – Memorials (select), The Dove is Sad

Thomas, Augusta Read – Traces (NYC Premiere), Piano Etudes, Love Twitters

Thomas, David Evan – Landscape of Shadow and Light

Voisey, Robert – Persistence of Melancholy

Wernick, Adam – Dream Play (World Premiere)

Wickman, Ethan – Inside the Hubble Toolbox

Williams, Amy – Three Pieces for Piano

Wilson, Kristen – A Rainy Memory

Wolfe, Julia – Compassion

Womack, Donald Reid – water (falls)

Yarnell, Carolyn – Tenaya, Invention

Zaimont, Judith – Impronta Digitale